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Agendas and Minutes for Council, Committees and Advisory Groups

Business Papers/ Agendas for each Council meeting and Committee meeting are published in the table below. Business Papers include all matters to be addressed at the meeting. The outcome of the Council meeting is reported in the Council meeting draft minutes and adopted at the subsequent meeting.

To view Business Papers prior to 2000 please contact Customer Service Customer Service

To view meetings live as they happen or access archive footage, please go to our YouTube channel.

To learn more about the Committees and Advisory Groups of Council go to Committees of Council

(excluded from Agenda)
27 May 2024Council PDF(5.9MB)
23 May 2024Local Planning Panel PDF(71.6MB)
20 May 2024Extraordinary Council PDF(108.6MB)
7 May 2024Development Control Unit PDF(11.1MB) PDF(124.9KB)
29 Apr 2024Council PDF(40.4MB) Excluded PDF(69.1MB)
16 Apr 2024Development Control Unit PDF(47.1MB) PDF(300.7KB)
28 Mar 2024Local Planning Panel PDF(23.4MB) PDF(284.4KB)
25 Mar 2024Council PDF(36.0MB) PDF(369.2KB)
25 Mar 2024Council - Supplementary PDF(3.7MB)
19 Mar 2024Development Control Unit PDF(162.0MB) PDF(421.8KB)
28 Feb 2024Local Planning Panel PDF(36.4MB) PDF(292.9KB)
26 Feb 2024Council PDF(65.8MB) PDF(332.9KB)
19 Feb 2024Extraordinary Council PDF(14.3MB) PDF(187.3KB)
7 Feb 2024Development Control Unit PDF(47.9MB) PDF(217.7KB)